You can become financially confident!

Meet Your Financial Coach

Let’s go back to when I had my financial transformation…

It all started in 2014,
I married my awesome husband that summer and two months later learned that we were expecting our first child.

Before we got pregnant, we made some poor financial decisions…

>> like leasing an SUV for $494 a month,
>> and getting sucked into financing $2,000 in pots and pans as a “promotion”, just to name a few. 

Before long we found ourselves living paycheck to paycheck even though we made a six-figure salary!

We knew something needed to change so we decided to tally up all our debt and found it to be over $70,000.

That number shocked us.

I started staying up late at night after putting my daughter to bed researching the quickest way to pay down debt. We developed a realistic plan for us and were able to knock out all our debt in just two years.

Along our debt free journey, I realized I had developed a love for finance.

I started helping my friends and family create a budget to pay off debt, build their savings, and invest for their future, all without giving up the things they love.

Through this, I realized that many people, like myself, weren’t bad at money. They just needed a plan.

Their results were astounding and
so encouraging…

That I decided to launch

She’s Fit, Financially

I wanted to feel in control.

I wanted to keep my money.

I wanted freedom of my
time and money… do you?

Together we can…

> Budget to maximize your income

Budget during a financial crisis

Improve/increase your income

Decrease expenses

Get out of debt

Build an emergency fund

Build Sinking Funds

Save for retirement

Save for college

> Create a strategy
 for attending college without loans

Pay off your mortgage early

Build wealth and giving generously

Leave a legacy for your family

Decide if you’re ready to buy a house

> Deal with debt collectors

> Navigate foreclosure

> Avoid bankruptcy

> Improve communication about finances

> Identify unhealthy spending habits

> Hold you accountable for your financial goals

Want to know more?

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You make a good salary, it’s time you start to enjoy it.

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