Hey! I’m Niyani and I’m here to tell you…

So, what could I teach you?

Let’s go back!
To when I had my financial transformation…

It all started in 2014: I had just graduated St. John’s University with a Bachelor’s in psychology,
I married my awesome husband that summer and two months later learned that we were expecting our first child. Before we got pregnant, we made some poor financial decisions…

>> like leasing an SUV for $494 a month,
>> and getting sucked into financing $2,000 in pots and pans as a “promotion”, just to name a few. 

Before long we found ourselves living paycheck to paycheck even though we made a decent salary!
We knew something needed to change so we decided to tally up all our debt and found it to be over $70,000.

That number shocked us.

I started staying up late at night after putting my daughter to bed researching the quickest way to pay down debt. We developed a realistic plan for us and were able to knock out all our debt in just two years.
It was HARD. Many sacrifices needed to be made, but we just kept our financial freedom in the forefront of our minds and pushed on.

Along our debt free journey, I realized I had developed a love for finance.

I started helping my friends and family create budgets and pay off debt. Through this, I realized that many people, like myself, just didn’t know the fundamentals of how to handle their money. I decided to become a certified financial coach and started taking on clients.

Their results were astounding and
so encouraging…

That I decided to take it full time with

She’s Fit, Financially

I wanted to feel in control.

I wanted to keep my money.

I wanted freedom of my
time and money… do you?

Together we can…

> Budget to maximize your income

Budget during a financial crisis

Improve/increase your income

Decrease expenses

Get out of debt

Build an emergency fund

Build Sinking Funds

Save for retirement

Save for college

> Create a strategy
 for attending college without loans

Pay off your mortgage early

Build wealth and giving generously

Leave a legacy for your family

Decide if you’re ready to buy a house

> Deal with debt collectors

> Navigate foreclosure

> Avoid bankruptcy

> Improve communication about finances

> Identify unhealthy spending habits

> Hold you accountable for your financial goals

Want to know more?

Follow the link below to set up a 
FREE consultation call with me

and feel free to DM me at any time here:

It’s time to get your financial education!

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